Huel RTD vending machines

I was really surprised to see a vending machine at Heathrow airport last week, what a great idea!
Would like to see more of these


Thanks Lee, we also have one at the train station in Birmingham! We love them too and would love to have some more!

Where do you want to see them?

Huel is readily available at quite a lot of airports and railway stations now. Courtesy of W.H. Smith. Also at many service stations, so I guess unless the vending.achine is cheaper there’s no real need for them, or am I missing something?

I think you’re missing how friggin awesome they look!

Haha but seriously, one of the big benefits is they’re available 24/7, which considering we are targeting travel locations with these is a big benefit. No good having them in WHSmith Heathrow if they closed at 10pm and you’re there later.

In addition the vending machines have a much wider range of RTD flavours, which we can’t always negotiate for stores. They might only take 2 flavours.

I also believe the cost of RTD in the vending machine is cheaper than the WHSmith in Heathrow. Those travel locations are usually fairly expensive for everything though.

In general just more convenience. I suppose you could ask the same question to Coke and why they have vending machines and don’t just focus on convenience stores.


Yeah good point re. opening times of stores, and You can’t argue with the last sentence.

They do look awesome, although admittedly I’ve not seen one IRL.

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The beauty of it being at Heathrow is that is after security so you can take a few bottles through if you wanted to. The limit on the volume for liquids is a pain for things like Huel (although I do understand the reasons!) and if you are travelling cabin luggage only its unlikely you’ll have room for the shake powders or H&S.

To answer your question @Tim_Huel I think the mainline train stations would help, personally I use Liverpool Street, so it would be useful to see a vending machine there on the way in.

ah that makes great sense.

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Always my friend, always.


I’d never miss your valuable input.

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We have bottles of Huel along with crisps, chocolates and fizzy drinks at the vending machine at work :joy:

Hey Huel… Would you consider putting a vending machine in a building that has nearly 500 employees and the staff food that is provided 3 times a day is NOT good?

As it is hospitality industry- it’s not 9am to 5pm - there are people in the building 24/7

Having a nutritious meal during a difficult shift is so important…

I don’t want to mention the company on the public platform, however if this is something you would be interested in- can you please provide contact info for the best person to reach out to ?

I’m really intrigued to see a response from Huel on this @Tim_Huel