Secret Huel products in development!?

Now Black has gone live what can we expect from the upcoming Rainbow and Unicorn Editions?


I feel it’s quite likely there might be another colour branded edition on the way. Perhaps silver may be even gold or platinum. Or perhaps green edition if it includes CLA, green tea and maybe caffeine.

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Or Hot Pink for the ladies?

A disgusting thought.

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Has the Rainbow version got a zippy lock fastening?


No but it is full of (magic) mushrooms.


They’ll probably bungle the launch like they did with Black.

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With the introduction of the black powder product – in theory – it would make sense to extend that black line to the RTD’s and bars too. It will be interesting to see when the dust settles how much black cannibalises standard sales or if it grows on its own merits – the same issue would apply to extending the range.

The RTD’s could definitely lend themselves to occasional special editions too as the packaging would be the easiest to modify using bespoke shrink sleeves. Even previously developed flavourings can be repurposed – say, for example, using a ginger and vanilla RTD base as a Lunar New Year Special Edition.


Something very strange is going on with the perspective of that bottle and lid!
Looks like it’s doing a backward bend.
Gymnastic Huel !

I can see a market for Huel Black RTD in the gym chilled vending machine…


I would like them in my gym. I’ve asked for several items in our gym vending machines (Protein shakes, red bull, Beef Jerky, Biscuit MandM’s) but keep being told the machine is managed by a company. I therfore aksed the company and the reply was that crisps, rice cakes and flapjacks are stocked because they are the best selling healtthy products. Therefore these vending management companies need to be alertedd to the Huel RTD range. However of there is a reluctance to stock such mainstream items then I’m unsure they will look towards stocking Huel RTD (in white or any other guise).

Realistically Huel would need their own dedicated vending machine. Most brands refuse to be stocked next to brands of competing companies (hence why you will never see a vending machine selling both Cadbury’s and Mars Nestle)

Perhaps Huel can partner with Durex

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I read that as Dulux!
That shows how long it’s been :woman_facepalming:t3:
I decorate fairly regularly. I’ve not seen a durex in over ten years :laughing:

Regardless… I can’t think why either pairing would make any sense?!
(Although Phil’s design does suddenly give the bottle a phallic shape somehow. Is it my eyes? Seriously, that bottle looks weirdly distorted).

are we all forgetting the fact Tim said they’re would be a savoury huel in 2020?That’s the next big product launch.
Beef flavoured RTD. The next big rival to bovril

It s just a camera setting that’s close and wide to the product in the 3D app - as if you were holding it close to your face so you start getting barrel distortion like you would with a regular camera

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I read they are going to let the most active hueligans on the forum beta test the next sku.

presumably after signing NDA’s this time around :angel:

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@Phil_C those graphics are really well constructed.