Awful consistency

I mix and manually whisk in a large mixing bowl and then pour into the Huel drinking bottle (without the mesh).
I find that it’s quicker than relying on the bottle & mesh technique. No lumps at all… but more washing-up each day.

I use three scoops and 450ml of water in the Huel shaker - shake like crazy for 30 seconds then drink. Occasionally I’ll add a couple of ice cubes. It’s milkshake consistency and easy to drink. It’s personal preference on the consistency side of things (400ml was too thick and over 500ml was too runny for me).

I’ll gladly taken them off you if you still have them :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Love Huel!

I blend mine. It takes 30 seconds and Then I put it in the fridge for lunch the next day. Super easy. Using a blender doesn’t take a lot of work and there’s a fridge or cooler pretty much everywhere so you don’t need to carry a blender with you. I’m using three scoops and 570 ml of almond milk.

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If you still don’t like it after trying again, or maybe using one of those little metal spiral balls, then don’t throw it away, please give anything unopened to a food bank, or give it to someone homeless, who may just live a bit longer or better with it. Even the opened bag could be given to someone in need.


Thanks for the great tips and suggestions guys!


Alright, so a quick update to this thread.

I’m fairly certain I had a dodgy bag the first time around - I’m glad I stuck with it. My second bag was still a little funny but subsequent bags (from further orders) have been fine. I now have huel 120gx3 a day (I’m just about adjusting to the awful effects on my gut) alongside lunch and dinner.

I mix approx 400ml of water + 120g of huel, then add a further ~300-400ml of water. It’s a lot more volume than I’m used to but I’m hungry again within two-three hours which is perfect (my old oats + whey mix could leave me bloated and not up to food for up to five hours). Who would have ever thought I’d be bulking while working in A&E!