Huel 2.2 consistency? am i the only one?

I dont know what I really expected.
My meal was terrible, I cant really stand a taste of it. Theres a lot of lumps in my drink, it stays on teeth and when i touch them with my tounge they changes into powder and make it really unpleasant.

Then i though “hey, maybe you suck and shaking? blend it!” so i did and nothing changed…

So i though to add some more water, maybe ammount in instruction isnt enough? The effect was even worse, cause all ive got now is a water with a taste of vanilla instead of vanilla, ive still got this lumps and also some kind of a powder in water test.

Nope you’re not the only one, long thread this way

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thanks! <10 chars mark>

just use s blender, 10 seconds and ready to go.

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Opening post said they tried this and it made no difference

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You must have the worst blender on the market if you still get lumps and rough consistency after blending it for 10+ seconds.

I can mix 3 scoops of huel with 500ml of water for 10-15 seconds in a shaker, and get a pretty much flawless consistency with no lumps. Use the damn grid while you’re shaking and you’re good.

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