Bad stomach


I’ve been using Huel for 2 weeks now. I like the taste, especially when you mix it with berries. However I have realised that I get sick in my stomach after the meal and my tongue becomes white. That is the indication that my stomach doesn’t like… Can Huel damage the stomach after a long run?


Hey, Huel is mostly oats so unless you’re intolerant to oats it’s unlikely Huel will damage your stomach in the long run. I went to see a gastroenterologist (stomach doctor) and he said he recommends Huel as it is gentle on the digestive system. It does cause me a few issues if I’m back on it after taking a break for a while. I think it’s all the fibre… never heard of white tongue though!!

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In Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine - the tongue is an indicator of overall health, a furry white tongue being an indicator of general poor health.
There are lots of possible causes though.
It could be an oral hygiene issue, or a sign of infection somewhere (not necessarily in the mouth).

I would get a check up at the doctors and at the dentist.
It’s unlikely to be the Huel causing it, but it could possibly be exaccerbating an already existing problem.

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Thank you for the reply. I do have a stomach problem but it is in control. I realised that it gets worse after each Huel meal… Sad as I like Huel, it fits my lifestyle perfectly…

Is it the high fibre in Huel that causes you issues? If so, id recommend making sure you are drinking plenty extra water, and bring Huel into your diet very slowly.
Start with just one or two scoops a day, and stick with that for at least a week, then build up very slowly. You should be able to tolerate 1/2 scoops a day ok. You can build up to your desired amount over a number of weeks.
Or you may find you can tolerate only one Huel meal per day… (I don’t know what your stomach issue is, but if you feel ok to share, you may find a fellow hueller with a similar condition who may be able to offer some advice from their own experience).

I hope you find a way to make it work for you