Bag of U/U and sample flavour boosts if someone wants free

I have a Unflavoured Unsweetened Huel and flavour boost samples (toffee, matcha, pineapple&coconut, cacao, banana, strawberry, mint choc, caramel) to have if you can pick up from me, I have used about 2 scoops from it so almost full…don’t like it and can’t make it work.

I am in South East London - Beckenham/Bromley area.

OOh matron…


Must be this new “fart” flavour someone mentioned a while ago.

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Or strawbooty tart fart even :face_with_hand_over_mouth::laughing:

South east London is too far for me to travel for a strawbooty call


That is exactly my area! If nobody else wants it I’m happy to take it off your hands. I’ve also never been brave enough to buy U/U so this would be the perfect chance to risk it…

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I have sent you a message. :slight_smile: