Been charged for an order I've not placed

Hi, I’m hoping I’ll get an answer here faster than on the contact us page, but I’ve just had an email saying I’ve got an order on the way tomorrow. Except I haven’t even placed an order and have no active subscriptions! I don’t particularly want to get charged £50 for something I didn’t order or have to pay for the cost of postage!

EDIT: I just checked found a subscription that I never signed up to, on an email that I didn’t have a registered account with. I had to register for an account under that email just to be able to even SEE the order. Why don’t you email customers letting them know that they have an order coming up before charging them for it? I wasn’t even aware that I was still subscribed. Very poor service in my opinion!

Hi Monique,

Sorry to hear about the problems with your orders. After looking at your order history it appears as though you have placed recurring orders under two separate email addresses and could be the reason that the order has gone out.

We do not make our customers register an account with us when they purchase; they just specify an email for correspondences. If a customer wants to register an account, they can do so by using the same email as a previous order. This will link up your past and current orders to your newly registered account but in your case you had two recurring orders.

We do, 3 days before it’s due to process, an order confirmation on the day and an order shipping email on the day.

However I have just been told that Olivia is helping you out and has already cancelled this order, cancelled your recurring order and refunded you! If there is anything else we can help with then do get back in touch!