Didn't receive an upcoming order email

I usually receive an upcoming order email a few days before my subscription ships, i.e:

Your next Huel order will be processed on 05/05/2022

However, my most recent order was processed without any warning, I did not receive the standard “Your next Huel order…” email a few days beforehand. The first I heard about my latest order was the “Thanks! Order received.” email which states:

Not the end of the world, but just in case this is either an unknown system issue or an intentional change in the behaviour of the system, I’d like to flag up that these emails are very helpful to me: I wait for that email to arrive, check how much Huel I have left, then determine what I need (which flavours, how much, any accessories). If I need to keep track myself of when my next Huel order is due to be placed, having a subscription will be less attractive, as it’ll be easier to just order ad-hoc when I need it.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Thanks for the message about this. Sounds like an error which isn’t ideal. It’s so important to send emails well in advance of subscriptions triggering, we would hate for anyone to think we’re trying to con them out of money by cheekily not reminding them.

Very sorry for this. I assume you’ve logged this with the customer experience team?