Warning email before dispatch?

Hey guys,

I’ve been enjoying Huel for the past few years now. Keep up the good work.

Can you guys set up an automated email to warn me that my order will be coming in a few days time? This would give me the chance to change or delay the order before dispatch. Many other subscription based business’ do this.

Currently I just get an email saying that I’ve got a subscription on the way. This has been annoying several times in the past when I’ve been away and ended up with months of Huel on my return. On my last order I decided to try the new flavours, but due to not resetting the order I’m now going to end up with multiple bags of mint choc & berry flavour. Admittedly this is entirely my fault, but I would have changed it had I had some advance warning it was coming.

I can understand that this may get annoying if you are a very high volume user, but as a low volume user (2 bags every 6-8 weeks) I’d find a email giving me the chance to adjust my order before dispatch very useful. So maybe give people the option of getting a warning email?

Hope that this is useful feedback for you guys,


I get a mail usually 2-3 days before the subscription is due to renew titled ‘Heads up, your Huel is on its way!’ that also gives you the option to change your order - is that not what you mean?

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That is what I mean. I get one saying:

“Here’s a quick reminder that your next Huel delivery will be with you in a few days.
Payment will be taken on Apr 10 2020.
Want to make changes?”

But when I log on I see a big sticker saying that my package is already on it’s way. If it’s already on route I can’t change it.