Before my first Huel run

I am planning to start a huel diet and have a few questions I was hoping to get answered before I do.

But first a bit of backstory and why i want to try this.
I’m a scaffolder I build scaffolding for a living and have been doing so for about 2 years it’s a job that is very demanding on your body. The weight of the materials I use for the scaffolds I build usually varies between 2 - 8 tons but will easily add up to 12 -18 tons and up that is manually unloaded and carried and used to build by hand no fancy machines here.

when I started this job the first thing I noticed was how important regular food intake is (something i have been historically incredibly bad att) and preferably hearty meals Meat, Potatoes, rise, fats and of course sugars for energy (Mmm yeah)

the questions:
Can huel satisfy these energy requirements? as loss of energy and or dizziness can case serious inures by dropping materials on others or falling from heights.

if it does is the gluten-free variant an alternative or would a certain huel product be recommended?

the first year doing this I lost a butt load of weight or more likely body fat and gained arm and leg muscles but regarding body fat, I seem to have hit a plateau (i look a bit like someone stuck some muscular arms on a beach ball) considering I’m not really eating healthy. this is the main reason for wanting to try this as well as having regular meals instead of grabbing quick energy every now and then. can huel help?

I was planning on mainly relying on huel for my food intake but to have proper solid food 2 or 3 times a week could this work or do someone have other recommendations.

also, I would like to hear from others doing heavy manual construction or similar work and try’d a huel diet and their experiences, do’s and donts

I would say there is no problem with using Huel. However, if your job depends upon your longevity, you should introduce it slowly. I imagine that you are going to have good and bad days at work, like any normal person, so, you need to measure over a 3 month period. Breakfast and lunch could easily be replaced.

Rather than telling us what the essential weight of the materials your cranes lift in tons, tell us what the effective weight is, your size, age, build etc.

Huel is a nutritionally complete, convenient food, with minimal impact on the world. Go for it.

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I’m no expert, but I’d say yes, Huel can satisfy any energy requirements, you just have to adjust your calories intake. Huel is not a supplement, is food, so as normal food you have to find the right amount for your body and your kind of physical activity.
As poinsy pointed out, introduce it slowly and you won’t be wrong. :slight_smile:

No, unless you have a severe disease like celiac disease, the gluten free Huel is a tax for nothing. Original Huel is already very low in gluten, 20 parts per million VS 5 parts per million of the gluten free, as required to be certified. So, if you are not celiac, go for the normal cheaper version. :slight_smile:

Yes, but again, step by step. Start with introducing some Huel and target 1 meal a day. Then you can decide how farther you can go. :slight_smile:

Hope you’ll have a pleasant journey!