Berry Flavour

My shipment of berry flavour arrived today and I quickly tried it out, just wanted to say it was a big disappointment!

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RTD or powder?

excuse my ignorance but whats rtd?

I use high 5 energy drink berry flavour for training and was expecting a similar taste.

Ready to drink, pre bottled.

I think this kind of Berry flavour is completely appropriate for an energy drink but would soon become rather unappealing in a shake. Way too tangy and artificial, it’d be like drinking America…


That is the best possible comment here :rofl:

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Wow shots fired :joy: SNOOP try blending it with real berries some people say it’s great. Or try leaving it in the fridge for a few hours it might improve the taste. One thing I will say though is that I think berry is the only flavour which is not improved by adding milk (it’s delicious with all the others!)

Way too Tango you mean?

Just for a bit of balance I will add that i stole some of my wife’s Berry Huel this morning to see what it was like and I love it!

I was not keen on the Berry flavour. I tried it with water mixed at various consistencies. I tried it then blended with frozen berries and to my opinion this improved the taste. I then added lime juice and this improved the taste some more. However, Berry remains my least favourite pre mix flavour.

The premix berry flavour is my least favourite unfortunately, even after blending in frozen berries and using some milk

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