Berry thoughts

I’ve just tried berry premix for the first time and here’s what I thought of it.

I liked it. It’s not my favourite flavour but I still like it. It reminds me of a really cheap supermarket own brand raspberry yogurt. The after taste wasn’t great though.
The reason I’ve made a new thread about it was I was wondering what others think of it. Is it a popular flavour? I’ve seen threads where people have tried to give bags away and some comments said people don’t like it.

Is it just me and @David who like it?


Out of all the flavours that rhyme with Terry, it is the best.

I do like the berry RTD and the berry granola. There’s just something about the berry powder that tastes exactly like watching a grandparent die.


Berry premix was completely undrinkable.
Im inclined to agree with @David’s list where he ranks it worse than death and brexit.
Definitely the worst flavour ever.

I love Berry RTD however

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How can anything taste that amazing?


Really? I’m surprised to hear that I didn’t think it was that bad. It’s not top of my list but I certainly wouldn’t say it’s undrinkable .

I like berry, I haven’t ordered it since I first tried it as I have been trying other flavours and have been trying to use more unflavoured/unsweetened than the premixes. But I would buy it again and was thinking of adding it to my next order.

Its also supposed to be really good blended with fruits and helps remove the after taste so I quite want to try that.

The only flavour I have tried that I hated was chocolate and I think that was a bad batch because I was sent a replacement and it tasted completely different.

I haven’t tried berry RTD and I probably wont because the RTDs contain rapeseed oil which I am supposed to avoid.

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Well, I bit the bullet of doubt and just ordered a bag of berry last week. Can’t wait to try, given the eh, strong feelings about it here :slight_smile:

I was put of because of all the bad rep, but then I thought, how bad can it be…? As long as it doesn’t taste like decomposition or rotten, I guess I’ll be fine with it.

If not, well, we needed something to keep the cats from digging up the garden, so might try it for that.


I like Berry too :hear_no_evil:

Vanilla > Banana > Chocolate > Berry for me though. Depending on water amount, I’ve had Banana, Chocolate or Berry take the lead in ranking but now I’ve settled on: 450ml water, 3 scoops Huel, about 1g~ salt which happens to be two full rotations of a salt shaker I use and this is how I feel about the flavours at this point

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Of the flavours I’ve tried I liked Berry the best, it’s fine in it’s natural state (like lightly flavoured porridge) but with some berries shaken in I can’t keep my hands off it! I’ve tried chocolate, vanilla, original and UU and they are either to sweet or too bland. I suspect I’ll like banana too but haven’t come around to try anything new yet. I have 10 bags at home atm, so will have to chill with the shopping for a bit.

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Berry is my 2nd favourite Huel flavour right after chocolate. It doesn’t taste like any specific berry but it is good.

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I think that once you venture away from standard flavours like vanilla and chocolate you are going to get a range of reactions. After all, not everybody likes berries so not everyone will like a berry flavoured drink. When I first tried it I thought it was fantastic, but my wife took a sip and her reaction was “too sweet and artificial”.
I sometimes blend real frozen berries in vanilla Huel and it tastes similar to Berry RTD only not so sweet as the RTD.

I’ve had berry a few more times now and it’s really growing on me. I might even say it’s my favourite

Sorry @David @ChristinaT @K3N0B1 and pretty much everyone else

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I will cut you.

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:rofl::rofl::rofl: I spat my berry out reading that

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There’s a gif of the futurama team eating an anchovy pizza and they’re all sick except for fry. I was going to put it on and comment on how I’m like fry but I can’t get it on so you’ll have to make do with a picture of zoidberg


Gotta love zoidberg

I love the berry powdered and mix it with full fat, organic milk, as I do all my Huel food. I don’t mind the after-taste, or the slightly gritty texture, which gets less as I leave it in the fridge at work for my meal beaks. I bought 3 packs of the berry flavour from someone who was selling because he didn’t like them, and I’m well on the way to finishing them off.
I love the coffee flavour too, esp mixed with the cacao powder flavouring, and have that, mixed with milk, for my breakfast.

I tried Vanilla (not the original, yet), chocolate and berry so far. The Mixing Powder kind, and of all the threes Berry was my favorite by far; I’ve ordered 3 bags when I first tried it and haven’t tired of it yet.
Chocolate was the worst in my opinion, “undrinkable” would be a bit too far, but i definitevly struggled to get through the bag. Vanilla was ok, but the taste got boring real quick, I had to add fruid to spice it up.

TL;DR: Berry best boi.

Berry is really good, it might even be my favourite flavour but it is in a close tie with chocolate.

So I bit the bullet and ordered berry, with some trepidation…

I must have a bag from a faulty batch. Mine doesn’t taste like farts, death or a dying grandparent :frowning: It just tastes like, you know, berries…? :woman_shrugging:

Not very intense berries mind you, and maybe not a berry I have ever encountered, but still, my brain accepts that it’s berries.

I mixed it with banana and yum, that tasted good :slight_smile: I might be thinking of adding banana and berry to my regular orders… :rofl:


I don’t know if you and me have completely different taste buds (like so different maybe I’m a completely different species), or i got a dud bag of berry. But I have to agree with @David - it tasted worse than death.

Anyway - glad you like it !

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