Does Berry powder taste the same as the bottle?

I’m looking to start using the powders, I tried the Berry bottle and it tasted amazing. I just want to know how close the powder tastes to the bottle. I’m planning to use semi skimmed milk to mix, I’m happy to add yoghurt and blend if I need to (this is how I think I could get the taste close) I just want some reassurance before I buy. Thanks.

totally different taste and different texture. I can’t say which is better as some people prefer one over the other. Personally I prefer the RTD, but it’s one of my least favourite powder flavours. On the other hand Vanilla is one of my favourite powders but least favourite RTD.

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Thanks for replying, glad I checked now.

Yes totally different ingredients and way of manufacture, so taste and texture are quite dissimilar. It’s not to say you won’t like it, but it will be a different experience,

I actually really don’t like the berry powder, would you say it would be significantly improved by using milk instead of water? (milk to the line, two scoops powder)

I don’t know, I’ve held off on ordering it now. I was just thinking of how the RTD tasted, to me it tasted like it was made with milk or yoghurt. I’ve not actually got any berry powder I was just guessing at how it could be made to taste as close as possible to the RTD.

TBH – you are never going to get an exact match for the reasons @hunzas pointed out. To be fair, if you could, it would render the RTD product line almost redundant. Huel have changed formulations over the years, adding more tapioca to make it smoother for instance, but you also have to factor in that many customers prefer the slightly gritty mouthfeel of the powders and bemoan the efforts to smoothen it out.

There are lots of threads on here with suggestions on how to smoothen the powders including using milks, ice/frozen fruits in the blender etc. if you want a smooth berry powder shake you could use a smoothie blender and add a little frozen mixed berries for example – or even some strawberry flavoured milk.


As others have helpfully said @Dan1 the powder and RTD are different in both taste and texture because at the end of the day they are different products for different needs.

I guess this depends on what would be an improvement to you. Milk can make a creamier texture and also mellow out the flavour. Be careful when using plant-based milks though as the interaction with the gums it and Huel can make it super thick.

These are great suggestions! Or you could pick up the flavoured syrups that are used in frappuccinos.

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