Best before date flavour boost

My rhubarb and custard flavour boost arrived, but it only has a best before date of 01/2020 :frowning: Is that normal? It seems so short. I don’t think I’ll drink 50 rhubarbs Huels in only three months :frowning:

I find all Huel products (bars, flavour boosts, powder, RTDs) have fairly short bbe dates.
Most are still good past the date though.
In particular the flavour boosts don’t really deteriorate because they can’t lose any nutrition (as there isn’t any!) and they seem to keep their flavour really well.
Make sure you store it out of light, always use a clean dry spoon, and always seal it properly after pushing the air back out of the pouch, and it’ll be good for months and months.

I’ve got a caramel fb that went past it’s bbe date about 4 months ago but it’s still perfect. I love it, but don’t use it as often as the other flavours for some reason, so it’s lasted ages.