Best way to clean/dissolve bottle with Huel build-up

If I forget to clean a water bottle that I use to drink Huel

What is the best way to dissolve the build-up of Huel powder that sticks to the sides of the bottle?

Will a washing machine do it, or is some kind of chemical useful here?

Fill around a third full with hot water, put the sponge/scourer you usually use for your dishes in there, close lid, shake like mad.

30 seconds later it’ll be clean, you’ll need to give threads and lid a little extra attention though.

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Hot water (not boiling) and two scoops of salt. Close the bottle, shake well, and leave it until the water becomes cold. Clean it again as usual (sponge and soap).

Bottle brush

I would put a steradent tablet in hot water and leave to soak overnight, just as you would if you have dental plates. Give it a good rinse and refil with your Huel.

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I use a drop of Milton baby bottle steriliser, put the lid into bottle and the top upside down with spout reaching the water solution. :blush:

Try vinegar essence. Works wonders.