Cleaning out canisters/thermos?

got a canister I’ve been using to take mixed huel to work for me, after a while the build up of residue inside has built up a bit too much momentum, I’ve been pouring in hot water and detergents, occasionally shaking the canister and then draining out, but it’s slow progress, has anyone figured out a good way to clean huel out of these sort of containers? (just to be clear, it would be very difficult to get anything inside to scrub)?

Maybe I should just try a different container, or mix it at work. The latter I’d really like to avoid.

How about a bottle cleaner? They look like toilet brushes and are designed for this very topic.
I take mine as a powder to work and mix before I drink it.

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try baking soda. this is from the leaflet that came with my bottle:

  • one teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda
  • half fill with water until it stops frothing
  • fill to the top with water
  • leave for 1 hour
  • rinse thoroughly then leave upside down at an angle to dry
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My tip is never let it dry out. Oat can dry like cement.

If I can’t wash up my shaker for a while I just 100ml of water and give it a 5 second shake, this cleans the sides and puts all the particles of oats and flax into the water.

Easy to wash up fully later.


I use a bottle brush, only a quid or so.

hard to wash it out, dishwasher seems to do a better job

I use the sistema bottles with the twist n sip lids. They are useful to me as they don’t spill in my lorry and make a mess. I can drink and drive (naughty me).
They clean up fine and don’t seem to stick. They are expensive though. I’ve had a couple of lids stop working. It has to be the 800ml bottle as the smaller ones get blocked by flax seeds (at least they did in the previous version of huel)