Bitcoin Payment Option

Do you have any plans to support Bitcoin? Being a direct internet-only retailer this should be right up your street.

You’ll save on transaction costs, and I’ll have the payment convenience.

The future of food + the future of money.


We will look into for you @aaronleebennett


I’d definitely rather use bitcoin than PayPal to buy Huel. I always give preference to companies that offer a bitcoin option (and advertise that on their site without having to rummage around too much) It’s so much easier from a buyer’s point of view. Plus, it’ll save Huel processing fees too. BitPay are a good, reliable payment processor that’ll transfer funds either in bitcoin or convert it straight to old fashioned money straight into your bank account (or a mix of the two), avoiding any risk of currency volatility. In fact the ONLY reason I initially tried Joylent in the first place, that eventually led me here, was that they accept Bitcoin. Nuff said.

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In fact, I’ve just checked… This is a Shopify site, apparently. BitPay offer integration straight out of the box.

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Issue with that is the volatility of bitcoin whenever something happens to it. One day the supposed creator is detained in Australia, the other day Goldman Sachs invests in a competitor to creat their own blockchain currency (or finally the chinese hoarders agree to remove the limit and lord knows what happens). Every time holding bitcoins involves holding the currency risk. Unless you directly exchange after transaction or hold on to until it rebounces (until it doesnt). Either way those might be steps hard to manage as a startup (this is just a guess).

As much as id like the idea the currency is just really lacking stability.

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Like I said above, volatility is not an issue if you use BitPay “BitPay’s merchant processing offerings mitigate the risk of bitcoin price volatility by allowing the merchant to accept bitcoin and immediately converting it to US Dollars, Euros, or the currency of the merchant’s choice”. I’ve used bitcoin for 5 years now, and I was a very early adopter of PayPal, for both sides of the transactions, and bitcoin wipes the floor with it, which is probably why PayPal bought Braintree, which is in partnership with Coinbase, another excellent bitcoin processor…

The problem with BitPay is that it’s based in the US. To implement it and have it changed to money, we’d have to have it put into a coinbase account, which takes a percentage of it, then create a bank account in the US, have the bitcoin changed into US dollars, which takes a percentage, then switch that into GBP, which has conversion fees and changes poorly.

It’s something we have looked into, but haven’t found a suitable solution as it stands. It takes a big big chunk of money off us, but if we find one it’ll be something we’d look into.


You don’t need to use Coinbase at all (they’re a Bitpay competitor that provide a similar service). Bitpay will pay out directly to UK banks in GBP for a 1% processing fee. :slightly_smiling:


-> BitPay supports settlement in 9 currencies and direct bank deposit in 33 countries.
-> GBP -> The minimum balance you must have to receive settlement is 1,000 GBP. Settlement will appear in your bank account after two business days.


And as @HarryTuttle pointed out, the module would make the webdev requirement a triviality. Worth a trial?

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An offset worth considering is the free promotion you might get amongst the bitcoin community, as a listed merchant.

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Hi Aaron and @HarryTuttle. I’ve added BitPay to the site, but can’t check if it works as I don’t have bitcoin! I don’t want to put it live in case there are any problems with it, but if one of you (or anyone who see’s this) are going to reorder soon, can you email me at and I can turn it on for us to test it.

Thanks so much for this.

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Cool! I’ve just had a delivery, but happy to grab some more and put it in the cupboard. Literally going out the door now, but will email later when I get back if nobody else has by then.

Great news, thanks guys. I have a couple of bags still to get through but will place my next order in BTC.

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I saw this as a payment option and was pretty impressed, even more so now I’ve seen this thread.