Huel now accepts BitCoin!

Hi everyone,

Thanks to help from @aaronleebennett and @HarryTuttle, Huel now accepts BitCoin payments! Just add items to your basket at usual, but now at checkout, there will be an option to use BitCoin to pay for Huel, as well as by Card and PayPal.

Thanks again to @HarryTuttle for being the guinea pig for our first BitCoin order.


Just came here to ask why your German side doesn’t accept Bitcoin payments. It’s the same payment processor (shopify), isn’t it?

At the moment it isn’t a priority to get it set up. We will look into it in the future after we get settled in Germany.

Ha! Probably a wise move what with today’s results! :sweat:

Okay, let me know when you do. I’ll stick with the other ones in the meantime.


Is there any chance that at least another crypto-currency can be added? Litecoin or Ethereum?

Reason why I ask, is that bitcoin has high transaction fees these days. You wouldn’t need to add loads of different cryptocurrencies because it’s easy to change our favourite to whatever is the main coin that’s accepted.

I’m sure there’s plenty of people like me out there who have all of their money tied up in cryptos but keep next to nothing in fiat money!


I notice there is no Bitcoin option now? Please advise.

There is, but only for non-subscription orders! Just continue through the checkout process and you will be able to select BitCoin payments.

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Yeah just trigger a capital gains tax event every time you buy Huel…


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