Black Edition Coffee Caramel V1.1 - Change of Taste?

Anyone else notice a recent change of taste with the Black Edition Coffee Caramel V1.1?
Even the smell is different… and its not as nice.

Could I have got part of a bad batch?

Interested to hear if others had a similar experience?

Had this flavor for nearly 8 months but the unpleasantness has forced a change of subscription.

Hey David, no fundamental changes to Coffee Caramel flavour. Your best bet will be to get in touch with the customer experience team and they can log your batch number and we can track this going forward to see if there are any other complaints.

Sorry to hear you’re not loving the flavour, I 'm sure the team will get it sorted!

Thanks Tim…
Yes - awaiting my change of order as this bag of Coffee Caramel is definitely NOT GOOD.
Batch number 23384?
Please pass this on…