Has the Caramel Coffee Black Powder Changed?

My latest batch tastes different to normal, I wondered if they had tweaked the flavour slightly, or if anyone else had noticed…

Hey Darren, that’s strange, we haven’t done anything to the flavour as far as I’m aware. Could you drop us an email on team@huel.com with your batch number? It’s on the back of the pouch outside of the label. Feel free to put that info in this thread and others can say whether they had a similar observation. But email us and we’ll look into it!

Hi Tim, thanks for getting back so quickly.

I’ve attached an image of the batch number

It looks like the number is 233848. It’s odd to place, but I would say that the taste is a little more wheaty. I know Caramel Coffee has it’s own unique flavour, and it is one of my favourite flavours, and this one is a definitely a little different to usual.

Kind regards

Hi @Tim_Huel,
Any update on what’s happened here, as it’s almost like the flavours been left out…


Have you emailed the customer experience team?

I don’t believe we are seeing many of these complaints so likely it is other factors, if we see more people emailing us with similar observations then we will check this out!