Black shaker

I am from Germany and would like to order the black shaker, unfortunately it seems to be available in other countries only.
Is there a way how I can get it? It must be possible somehow.

Thanks in advance!

I think it’s limited to the reward scheme. It’s not in the shop here in the UK.

In Germany it does not even seem to be in a reward system, just “not available”…

You can’t ever buy it. They send it to you for free when you hit the “x thousand meals” milestones.


It might take @mbs a million years to get one then. He only has one Huel meal every few years and spends the rest of the time moaning about Huel and the German government.

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We do run our loyalty scheme in the EU also so watch this space!

When you hit the milestone this will be automatically added to your order :heart:

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