Why can't I order shakers?


I love the product, but I would like to be able to have shakers on different places since I move around alot. How come I can not order it separately?

I did buy a shaker from another store, but it does not give the same texture as when I mix it in a Huel shaker.
Is there anywhere else I can buy the shakers?

Would be nice to be able to have more then one.

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I havent had any problems ordering accessories
Just go here

There are two shakers to choose from - clear and frosted
You need to order minimum £15 for free delivery though

This might all be different in Sweden (?)
Works fine from the Uk site tho

Thanks for the link, but I only get the hoodies, joggers, mug, stainless steel bottle and the bag as options.
There is no shaker there.

Might be as you say that it’s different in Sweden.

Thanks alot for your reply tho!

Just looked on there and there is no shaker option, only these 6 items,


Yes, that’s exactly what it looks like for me aswell.

Well I get shakers!

So do I, but we don’t live in Sweden :laughing:

Does @Ian42 live in Sweden then?!

I guess that’s the problem.
Hope we get some shakers soon here in Sweden :stuck_out_tongue:

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It seems like shakers are not available outside of US/UK stores.

Can confirm that for Italy, shakers are not available :frowning:

Nope, not in Holland either.
Guess it’s a UK priviledge :wink: :rofl:

You can buy the same shakers branded with other names, made by same people and exactly the same in the UK so you probably can in Sweden. Search for any company that sells protein etc, every chance the will have the same ones.

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@ChristinaT no he doesn’t lol. I looked on the Sweden Huel site, I had to clean my cookies out first though. As it it sends you to the UK site if you don’t.


Shakergate. Because scoopgate just isn’t enough.


Sunday caption competition.
PS- I’m not responsible for anybody getting banned in the morning :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

As triggering is not the same as provoking, politically correct :rofl:

I hope so too! I haven’t tried other protein shakers as the Huel ones suit me fine.

I’m not even using my Huel shaker, have other ones I’m using.
The Huel one isn’t big enough for more than a snack, in my case.

Oh and… Am I the only one getting annoyed by the lid on the Huel shaker ? :sweat_smile:

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What is your beef with the lid? I get annoyed and shout at many things in my house but my Huel shaker lid has so far been spared my rage.