Resubscribing after 8 months off huel

Hello people good and bad,

I came off huel after about 2 years using it as every meal, october last year. I’m about to resubscribe this time just for lunches, so 1 shake a day.

I missed it.

So now there’s a new shaker which looks great, do I get one for free when I subscribe again?

If not it’s fair enough I guess, but did people get one for free when it newly came out or did you have to buy it?

Looks absolutely great.

existing customers did not get a free one but were offered a 2 for 1 deal on them at launch.

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Cheers @Phil_C

I shall order two then additionally.

Welcome back Matt! (great username btw!) We’ve missed you too!

I believe since your last order was such a long time ago you’ll still be eligible I believe! So add one to your cart and a t-shirt too and I think you will be fine!

So stoked you love the look of the new shaker!


Cheers @Tim_Huel

Ordered this morning, it is a new account as I forgot the old one. I see on the ordered screen then that I get a free shaker, that’s awesome.

The shaker advertised on insta really got me thinking about huelling again, and after a RTD I decided on the move. It felt easy. Definitely missed all that healthy stuff!

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Let us know if you need any help at all. Let’s get you back to all that healthy stuff!