Blaming huel for your gas and runny stool

truth is huel is clean.

if you get side effects you have bad gut health.

look at my other post for a known cure for bad gut health:


I’ve been blaming the dog!

(This is a joke. My dog is still dead.)


please i hope you didnt kill it

i hope its not in davey jones’ locker

The kind of joke I would expect form @hunzas

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Someone mentioned it recently that putting Huel in a blender fixes all the issues with gas and/or runny stool. Might be something to do with bits of Huel powder passing undigested into the large intestine if it is not properly blended.

if that works thats great.

a lot of ppl have underlying gut health problems, thats the heart of the problem, in my experience.

You might know it, it’s not Well known or studied on humans. Dichotomous earth is best known as insect and bug repellant as it’s small and sharp enough to penetrate bugs exoskeletons and kill them. Not something I’d ever ingest.

there is a food grade Diatomaceous Earth.

its worked.

so there you have it.

“food grade”

very important.

if you research it…

what it is is entirely safe. the problem is what goes along With the non-food grade version.

unless of course you are an insect.

as i said it is a “known” cure to bad gut health.

Known as well as crystal elixirs you claimed worked too. Anecdotal is just that, the Placebo affect is real. Without actual science it’s irrelevant and irresponsible to promote as a cure for anything.


Hey I got one of those crystals and I haven’t been bothered by a single werewolf since. Don’t knock it until you’ve thrown money away on it!


We need more visitors like you coming to Glastonbury when the shops are back open.

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both scientifically proven.

healing crystals have a spiritual and vibrational energy.

i am sharing helpful knowledge.

why do you object?

i am not trying to implement a new way of life, its worked for me and many others.

i dont understand your problem with that.

rose quartz elixir particularly quells reflux.

diatomaceous earth food grade cures it.

ive tried it after eight years of suffering.

if anyone has that problem, research it first. Obviously.

i can talk from experience.

Despite that could be true, we try to be as certain or scientific as possible as you may see in the threads and specially by the Huel staff

might i be helping someone who possibly could be maybe reading this?

oregano oil for reflux too btw.



Thanks everyone for contributing to an interesting topic. @matt009 for ease of reading could I ask you to reply once each time you want to contribute at a specific time please?

I’ll just quickly link to this article on Diatomaceous Earth. I don’t like Healthline most of the time because they cite research incorrectly but I think this is pretty good if anyone wants a fair overview.


So currently there is no big evidence of its benefits

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