My Experience - Bad!

Hi Everyone, just wanted to share my experience with yous and find out if anyone else has had a similar situation as me, so here it is…

2 weeks ago i was in hospital due to esophagitis (swallowing problems) which is still on-going. I was told by the doctors that i still won’t be able to swallow any solid food for a least another month until i get more surgery…if it works! Due being allergic to Milk, Gluten and Soya. I was told by the dietitian they could only provide me with Callogen. At this point i knew i was going to struggle because i couldn’t just go to a shop like Tesco and pick up a protein shake due to most of them containing ingredients that i am allergic to (Soya protein, milk, wheat.) however as i was scrolling on Facebook in hospital i came across a Huel ad promoting there shakes and decided to click on it and instantly said to myself 'Eureka! everything ticked the right boxes about this product…nothing in it that i am allergic to and also super healthy! and a coincidence that i happen to come across this product while being in hospital. For the next couple of days i did some research before making the decision to buy 1 mint chocolate and 1 chocolate gluten free packs!

The next day i received my order and was surprised how quick it was delivered considering i live in the highlands! Opened my order straight away because i was excited to try my first shake! Inside the box i also got a Free Huel T-Shirt which was cool and a great fit! and a free handbook all for just £35!! Brilliant deal.

So i made my first shake and got an instant tingle in my throat but i didn’t think anything of it as i wasn’t aware i was allergic to any of the ingredients. After about 10 minutes later i noticed an increase of heart rate and felt energized however i started to become dizzy and felt sick then started to panic and become breathless so i stopped drinking it immediately. This is something i have never felt ever before and just thought that it was probably my body reacting to so much vitamins and my body will take a few days to get used to it.

The next day at work in the morning i made myself another shake but this time did not get any itchyness in my throat but this time i got massive sharp pain through my chest and again my heart started racing. That whole day at work i felt so breathless, dizzy and kept getting sharp pains in my chest so when i finished work i went straight to my doctors and explained what was happening. The doctor did the usual routine check, heart rate and blood pressure…everything was fine. He told me to not drink the shake again and see how i feel and if i experience anymore chest pain to go back. The next day i gave my shakes away to work mate as i was scared to drink that shakes again. That day i still kept getting chest pain so i went back to doctors and they did an ECG on my heart…everything was fine… a different doctors suggested that the shakes were causing a reaction to my medication (omeprazole) which is for my esophagitis condition to which was causing pain in my chest.

Just thought i would share my experience incase others are generally unwell with the same symptoms …

Thanks for reading.

This post interested me.
I also can’t have soya dairy or gluten so Huel is brilliant.
I’ve been taking omeprazole for the last few days due to being on anti-inflammatories for a broken arm and dislocated shoulder (!), but I’ve not had my usual daily Huel for a few days, so thought I would have one today for lunch and see if I get any adverse effects from the combination with omeprazole.
I’m drinking it now… so far so good !

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What you been doing?

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big brother is watching

also, I regularly take omeprazole with huel and have had no issues, others suffering with GERD on here have reported the same. sorry to hear it reacted badly for you

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A bmx bike threw me at some tarmac from a great height

:open_mouth: :grimacing: Poor you!

Hey there, thanks for raising this and I’m so sorry you’ve had such an awful time with your Huel, that just sounds terrible.

Huel doesn’t contain any milk or soya and we test for these. However just to note that not all Huel is not gluten-free. We have a gluten-free version of the powder - just ruling anything out, did you definitely order GF Huel?

We would like investigate this. Could you please do a few things for me so we can start an investigation?

  • Tell us your batch number. This can be found on the reverse of the pouch, stamped below the nutritional label (picture is better as we can get the time and date too)
    • Post the pouch back to us, with a note explaining who you are and where you have communicated with us.

(Please don’t just send the pouch back with no message, it will get lost. We will reimburse you for the postage of course.)

The address is:
FAO Tim Urch
Huel HQ, Unit 6, Icknield Way Industrial Estate, Icknield Way, Tring HP23 4RN

Once we have that information we can start an investigation. Thanks in advance.

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Ouchy. Hope you make a swifts recovery.

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Nasty, hope you recover soon, hopefully the magic of Huel will speed it up for you.

I’m constantly impressed at how seriously you take all of our feedback, and how proactive you are in taking actions where you can. A few months back, your nutritionists kindly tested Huel’s nickel levels for me - I understand that these tests are costly, time-consuming, and to be honest, will be of zero interest to the majority of your customers, but for me, as I suffer a nickel-related condition, your testing has been of immense value. You guys are amazing. I am endlessly grateful


Thanks so much, massively appreciate you to say so.

In cases like the above, we really can only help if we get the product back and so often I do not…


I wish that huel would deal with the flatuents issue I know personally including my wife, myself & son (professional footballer) 6 people now who loved it but have had to stop taken it because of this issue

While I am not sure what can be done to help with that, I do agree that it probably one of the top reasons that people stop consuming Huel.

Personally I have not suffered from this for some considerable time - did very early on but probably as my system got used to it, it stopped. Mind you I could fart like the clappers pre Huel sonir made no difference in our household :rofl:

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This just made my day :joy:
I can’t help but look at my four-legged family to see their response when I fart :sweat_smile:


Haha my furry friends don’t bat an eyelid any more :laughing::dog::dog:

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Same here, just can’t help but keep looking at them when it happens :joy:


Will @JamesCollier be looking into the Huel farting issue that’s making climate change worse polluting more of our planet? It’s worse than Cow farts apparently as evidence by scientists show Huel farts in the earth’s atmosphere


It’s cows belching that produces the majority of their methanols emissions.


Came across this if anyone wants a read

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