Blender disaster!

Inspired by others on here, I bought a Philips 1.75ltr jug blender and a couple of vaccum bottles to batch mix my Huel the night before.

The blender arrived, so I proceeded to add 900ml of water, 180g of Huel, put the lid assembly onto the blender as per the carefully-studied instructions, pressed the button, and created my very own Philips-branded Mount Etna, complete with Huel-lava, which flowed graciously across the plains of my faux-granite worktop, then proceeding to helpfully mask the 1990s-awfulness of my lower-cupboard doors. An aesthetic improvement? Probably. An absolute b*gger to clean up? Certainly.

Several further “tests” with varying quantities of water yielded the same ‘rise-up-and-over’ result. I suspect that this blender works fine when what goes in first is mainly solid food, but when you start with mainly water, it just rises up and over.

So – can you guys help with any jug blender recommendations, and if so, what quantities of water & Huel do you find it OK with? Ideally something with a two-digit price-tag.

NB: I’m not interested in those ‘blend and go’ bottle blenders like the Breville as I need to decant into vaccum bottles as I often have no access to a fridge during the daytime.

I used a 1.75ml jug on the blender. 200g of Huel and litre of liquid and never had any issues. Used an Optimum blender. I now use shake bottles cos I prefer the texture, but never had an issue with those ratios in that sized jug.

My missus on the other hand did a similar thing to you with asparagus soup in the same blender and the bright green liquid covered EVERYTHING!!!

Wow, that’s one small jug! :wink:

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aahhhhh! 1.75 litre LOL

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I use a cheap stick blender, never had any problems. They seem to pull things down rather than shoot things up