Blending normal and black Huel

Crazy I know but why not just blend your own mix of Huel normal and Black Edition ?

And then sprinkle on some h&s garnish


I would if that’s what I wanted.

I would ask why

I like Huel Grey Edition: BE and Essential, half and half. But don’t ask me why.

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I do this! I have celiac disease and the gluten free doesn’t come in unflavored/unsweetened. I don’t want to go to full BE because I don’t want/need the high protein. So I do 2/3 gluten free and 1/3 BE to mute the flavors.

Fab idea! You should see some of the weird and wonderful Huel combos that get shaken up at HQ :eyes:

Grey Huel?


Grueler? Grueller? Bueller?