Block comments from certain users?

Little off topic Huel wise but is it possible to hide all past and future comments from a certain user? I had a quick look in the options and can’t find it.

Thank you.

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I use a marker pen and cross out their comments. I think it only works on iPhone 5 and older. Everything else uses the mute button


Watch out hunzas, I think they’re talking about you!


Surely not. :frowning:

I was. But I can’t find the option.

Discourse doesn’t appear to have any options regarding hiding users or threads. There is a setting to hide categories of threads but I tried that and it didn’t work.

Ah ok, thanks for letting me know.

I wonder if more options like this are in the works.

Blinkers? Dark glasses? Earplugs? Eye patches on both eyes?


Must be the Americans upset with you…

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Nah. Shame innit?