Huel app?

Are there any plans for an official Huel app in the future? I think it could be really useful and I’m sure it would look great!

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What functionality would you want in a Huel app?

I think it could be useful with regards to notifications from the forum. It’s a small thing for me and I understand it’s not a reason for Huel to create an app just for this specific thing. Was just a matter of curiosity on my part more than anything.

Get the Discourse app then, it’s what the forum runs on. :+1::wink:


@DunsfordMage I didn’t have that. Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

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Pah, it should run on Huel. I am cancelling my sub.


Oh no we’ve been conned does that mean we have been drinking discourse instead of Huel as well, might be why the new Chocolate flavour tastes a bit off


You mean it is discourse ting?


apps are so much easier to use…

for ordering and for the forum i think its a brilliant idea.

a web address loading issue
a web address bookmark issue

an app just straight in there nice and easy

I think it would also be handy to access your account and manage subs etc.

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