Hello Hueligans,

I recently discovered that Huel can link with your browser to send you Huel forum notifications which is great because I always happen to check the forum when I have no forum notifications. Sods law… The notification is helpful but only when I am on my computer.

I am just wondering if there is a way to get phone notifications as well? Also, I don’t know which member of the Huel team would be responsible for this but is there hope of getting a Huel app for the android and ios? Would be great if I had run out of Huel, if I could order more without having to be at home on my computer.

Any techie Hueligans that can suggest anything in regards to the notifications. Thanks in advance!

Sounds easy enough!
@Tim_Huel could make an app for that in an afternoon no problem I’m sure :wink:
(Cue the groan, facepalm and usual “Christina please it’s certainly not easy”)

Sounds easy to me though :laughing:
And a good idea :+1:t2:

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Interested though as to why you don’t use the current mobile compatible website for placing orders? It works well for me (Apple iOS Safari browser)

Hahaha! I do sometimes but I was just thinking for future purposes when like a billion meals have been sold. And I have added the Huel forum to my home screen but obviously it doesn’t send you notifications. Can you get email forum notifications from Huel?

I have no idea. I generally have notifications for everything turned off on my phone - even text messages and emails. I’m certainly not having notifications for forums or apps.
That’s just me though - I’ll check my messages when i want to check my messages. I don’t like them pushed in my face :laughing:!
I often even turn off phone calls. So I can communicate out if I want to, but no one can get hold of me. That’s how I like it :rofl:

I’m sure there’s a way though… check out your forum account settings


Hey there! If the notifications you want are specifically for the forum then have you checked out the discourse app? It’s not perfect but I think it should solve this problem.

For email notifications go to Preferences --> Emails and turn it all on.

We would love a Huel app though, there’s a few threads in here about having one and what it would do, please do let us know what you’d like to see!

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Have a look at the Splosh! App on iOS if you need inspiration

The average huel customer doesn’t use the forum. From what i see its mainly first time users who have a question and regulars who have an answer. An app would only be convenient for regulars

@Tim_Huel I got the discourse app but it says that Huel cannot be found. Am I missing something?

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Put into the search bar

You forgot all the drama queens and naysayers/doomsayers

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