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Hi I’ve noticed that no-one seems to manage you Facebook visitors post also responses on the forum seem to be very sporadic. How do we get feedback or make suggestionsi if no one is listening?

Sporadic? No one listening? I don’t mean to be rude but this is your first forum post & you’ve spent a grand total of 8 minutes reading forum posts to come to this conclusion.

I can’t comment on Huel’s fb page though as I don’t go there.

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The Huel forum is staffed mostly weekdays during work hours. Occasionally the team post outside of these hours as well. I don’t think it is sporadic at all.

I didn’t mean to offend, sorry, and yes you are right I have only just joined the forum but I had visited the Facebook page many times and it seemed no one responded to any of the comment.

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Apologies for not adding a disclaimer to my post. I’ll put it here instead.

Disclaimer: I’m a grumpy old git who’s best ignored most of the time.

Oh & welcome to the forum :wink:


Sorry to hear you aren’t getting the response you’ve wanted. We have people answering Facebook around the clock, in office hours, outside office hours, weekdays and weekends. I would be interested in seeing where you’ve posted your comment and what it said so I can determine which area we are missing and let the team know. Could you send a screen shot?

@JamesCollier and I reply to as much as we can on the forum and read most threads, granted I don’t spend time on the weekend writing on the Forum, I’m sure you understand that. There is a lot of content so please bear with us!

Just a note if relevant, if your queries have anything to do with deliveries, orders, problems or anything customer service based don’t post them to Facebook or the Forum if you want a fast resolution. Email us on

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Seems I have lots of attention now, I’m feeling a bit over whelmed.

I was interested to know if you were considering making an organic version and without sucralose and plastic

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I believe they’ve said no due to the increased cost, but don’t quote me on that.

Unflavoured has no sucralose, and can be combined with their flavour packs which use stevia.

There’s plastic in the recipe?

Thanks for getting back to me. Where was it you left these comments, do you know which Facebook page?

We don’t create an organic version for a couple of reasons. One of them is cost, organic is far more expensive. There are organic, nutritionally complete powdered food products out there but they cost a lot more than Huel. As Icy has mentioned we have Unflavoured & Unflavoured Huel which teams up with our stevia sweetened Flavour Boosts.

If you mean reducing the plastic used in our packaging then yes absolutely. We currently working through options for both our large and 150g Flavour Boost pouches. It’s tricky, as the pouches currently are strong and give Huel a shelf life of 12 months, which ultimately reduces food waste - a huge problem in the western world. I’ve spoken more about plastic in Huel in this thread here.

I hope this helps.

Thanks for the info. I really do wish you would reconsider making an organic version, I hate that are food is covered in pesticides not good for us, the planet or it’s pollinators

Organic doesn’t mean no pesticides.


I think the product you want is called Ambronite. Be prepared to pay for it though.

I don’t know about the ingredients in Huel, but just because something isn’t labelled Organic, doesn’t mean it’s covered in pesticides. It is very expensive to get Organic certification so some producers don’t get it. Doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with their products.