💖 Huel Discord: Online - Join Us! 117 Members!


Huel now has a discord server.
Discord is a chat with optional voice communication. It is free, simple, safe and has a user-friendly interface. It is available for both computers and cellular devices.

I invite everyone to join, wether you want some casual chatting or seek advice regarding Huel.

This is a community-incentive. The Huel Team is not behind this, although they do support it, so it is not to be seen as official or represented by the staff in any way, shape or form.

Current Huelers or anyone interested in Huel is free to join. You may share the invitation link freely.

Be polite.
Act as you would on the forums. The chat can be considered an extension of the official forums.

Discords official website: http://discordapp.com/

To be invited, use the link below:

I hope to see you all on Discord soon!



Feel free to post questions, suggestions or feedback. I will do my best to assist where needed.

And it would be fantastic if we could get the men and women behind this amazing company to join. Looking at you @Tim_Huel :wink:

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@Squizzle it says the discord invite has expired. Any chance you can change the invite to non expiration?

Try this:

It is indeed set to never expire with an unlimited amount of clicks.

But we do support it! So long as it becomes an environment as lovely as this one!

I’m in!


I don’t mean to be rude…well perhaps I do…it’s all very well starting your own thing…well done…I may even have joined…but that’s for you to work out. But seriously…no need to keep spamming the forum every 20 minutes.

HOW ABOUT JUST ONCE A WEEK? It’s not a chart countdown.


Yeah I run discord channels for other things and I’m finding this one far too spammy, good idea but not well executed I’m afraid.


Thanks for your feedback. What do you have in mind specifically? Feedback on improvements are very much welcome.

I’ve now created a channel for huel-only talk, if that is what you had in mind. This is a very new project and only way to improve it is if people make me aware of things they are unhappy with. :slight_smile:

@hunzas I will bump the thread less often to avoid bothering anyone. Thanks for letting me know!

Edit: The Huel-specific channel was removed as no one used it.


A weekly bump to the top. Up we go!

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Weekly Bump. To the skies.

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It is that time of month.

Always knew you were a woman.


I knew his comment would be “red rag” to a Coup.


Groan. . . . .

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New blood would be nice; we’re thirsty.

I’m in :slightly_smiling_face: