Would you guys be interested in a Discord?

Hello everyone,

Discord is an application for both computers and cellular devices used for text chat, voice chat (optional of course), where people can gather in a chat room of sorts upon invitation to communicate. It is 100% free, no hidden costs.

I’ve been thinking to make a channel for Huelers where we can hang out and talk to eachother. Would anyone be interested in this? I think it would be great fun as I feel we’re a little family here. Would be great if the staff, too could join.
As it can be used on basically any device, it’s highly available and flexible for everyone. It is of course safe, I am knowledgeable in these things and would never risk anyones safety or privacy without being sure of what I am doing.

Please let me know if you think this is a good idea. I would setup everything in advance, all you guys would have to do is create an account and I would give you a link with an invite. All very simple and straight-forward.



Sounds like a great idea Squizzle! I’d love to get involved if you’d have me :blush:


Sounds good to me :slight_smile:

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:+1: count me in!

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A Slack channel would be great for this!

(not just for work hahaha)

Great to see interest in this.
I am going to investigate different options and will keep you posted. Perhaps the team could announce it on social media to make people aware it exists, would be great.

I’ll get right on this!

Hello again

I have created a dedicated Discord server for Huelers. Click below to be invited!
Note: link can be used indefinite amount of times and is set to never expire.

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The problem with Slack is that is very expensive if you want to keep track of more than 10.000 messages (seems a lot, but with many members is not). I’ve investigated this field in the past for the ong I work with, and at the moment we are using Riot.im, which is basically an opensource encrypted Slack clone, a bit less user friendly than Slack.

That said, at the end of the day even being a chat rather than a forum, there’s not much things you can do there that you can’t here, and that the basic user can understand. :slight_smile:

I will make a new thread soon with some general information

I’m in! Thanks, I’ll try it later :slight_smile:

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