Breakfast meal only. How should I feel?

I have had Huel for 4 days now, just for breakfast, as I thought that I wouldnt be able to handle not eating solid food.
The first day, I found myself being really hungry for solid food, as I suspected and quite quickly snacked after having it.
The second day, I found it to be the a similar to the first day.
But I didn’t give up - the third day I went on a 12 mile run, 1/2 an hour after consuming it. I was a little worried, having read some peoples experiences on running soon after drinking it. But I was fine, it lasted me until lunch, although was super thirsty.
Now is the forth day - I feel funny - I don’t feel hungry, but I want to/ feel like I need to eat lunch - I am trying to workout too, but am feelling really sluggish and super thirsty again, I am on my 3rd 500ml bottle of water.
Seeing other people eating food, is making me feel odd too - I can’t explain it!!
Does anyone understand what I mean??! Is this right? I feel like I wouldn’t be able to even drink more Huel for lunch either, so do I just skip?!

Sorry for being so vague - for someone who doesn’t normally diet, this is all very new to me, hence, doing just breakfast. Any advise/help would be appreciated.


I suppose the first couple of days it’s a case of getting out of bed habits.

I don’t feel hungry after huel but I am.ready for my next huel/meal when the time comes.

Thirsty? Yes, very!!

I’m only on day 5 so by no means an expert but so far in enjoying it.

2 huel meals a day and a “normal” evening meal. Xx