Breaking 4-day water-fast with Huel

Hi, I have a short question regarding my breaking of the 4-day water fast. I want to slowly increase my calorie intake after the fast: day 1: 600 to 700 kcal, day 2: 800 kcal, and day 3: 1000 kcal. Do you think it is better to break the fast with Huel Black Edition or with the ordinary 2.3v Huel? I don’t know if a higher protein amount is better or if it is harder to digest after the break? What are your experienes and opinions on that? Would be great to get some feedback today before 5pm, because at this time I plan to break the fast.
Thanks in advance

Hi @sosterm

Hope you’re feeling ok after the fast. I’m not a fan of fasts as health benefits are debatable. However, I doubt 4 days would have any serious adverse health consequences and refeeding syndrome shouldn’t be an issue. There really are no benefits of v3.0 Powder or Black Ed; but if you want to remain in ketogenesis for a little longer, then I guess, Black would be the better option.

Water fasts seem fairly popular at the moment and I love learning about people’s motivation, so if you’re happy to share your reasons for following this protocol and how you’re feeling, I’d love to hear. :slight_smile:

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Hi James,
thank you a lot for your prompt reply.
I am feeling quite good and quite energized despite the fast. My motivation for the water-fast was the following: Normally (since many years), I eat very healthy and consume only a minimal amount of industrialized sugar or in general high processed food (so normally lots of vegetables and whole food or Huel on busy days during the week). As I had lots of stress during January I started to compensate this with emotional eating and suddenly had lots of cravings for unhealthy food. The cravings were not all the time but on several days of the week. After eating such food I felt so horrible, bloated all the time and really uncomfortable in my body but still had some cravings for it and was scared that I get dependent of such food due to a habituation effect. So I wanted to make a cut (water fasting) in order to start from zero and then continue my diet that I had before January. Since I have started the fasting I don’t have any more cravings and I have the feeling that my digestive system has normalized again. Plus, I am now super motivated to eat healthy. I don’t know if this all makes sense from a scientific view but for me it feels just the right way. I would be interested what your opinion (from a nutritionist) is on this? :slight_smile:

Hi @sosterm

Thanks for that; makes sense. That’s interesting on the cravings. Cravings are curious as they are both physiological and psychological in origin. You know ‘you’ better than I, but so bear in mind that there can be insulin surges when you reintroduce foods properly, which could give rise to cravings again. So low GI foods will be helpful (read more here).

Please update us after you’re eating again in a few days!