Caffeine in Huel

Dear Huelers,

May I know if caffeine is contained in any Huel powder(s)? I reckon some is in Huel coffee powder.

If so, what is the recommended intake for a 21 year old law student with lots of reading to do? :rofl:

Thank you in advance!

There is caffeine in Coffee Huel. I didn’t like that one, but I add instant coffee powder to my 50/50 Original/Unflavoured Huel. I use decaf, but you could use whatever you like. Various people have tried adding brewed coffee to Huel, but most seem to agree that instant works better.

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I’ve read quite a few studies saying that caffeine doesn’t help with concentration and studying anywhere near as much as it does physical performance. It does kind of ring true with me. May be worth bearing in mind!

I think the caffeine content is 90mg per 100g Huel.


Interesting. It certainly helps keeping people awake tho, giving more time to procrastinate.

On another note, you might wanna look at some nootropics to help you out in times of need.


This is partially true. It blocks certain receptors in the brain so you don’t feel it when
you’re getting tired. But many ‘caffeine drinks’ have l-theanine as well, this helps against
the jitters and keeps you more focused.
So caffeine on it’s own does not help with concentration, but combined with l-theanine
it really does the trick. Higher focus/concentration, no quick energy boost, etc.

Look up “caffeine and l-theanine” on Google, there’s a lot to find on this. :slight_smile: