Coffee Huel enough to keep me awake in the morning?!

Hey Hueligans!

Today I purchased my first batch of Huel and very excited! I work on Brexit so can imagine I don’t have much time in the mornings to make a proper breakfast so hopefully this magic powder will provide all the nutrients I need in the mornings! Looking to replace lunch too but we’ll see :slight_smile:

I ordered the coffee Huel and was wondering if the caffeine content is enough to keep me going in the mornings? Have people been able to use coffee Huel as a replacement for a cuppa?

Thanks all!

It contains in 100g (the serving size I use) about the same amount as an average mug of coffee.


That’s good to know - thanks John!!

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I make a cafetiere of real coffee in the evening and chill it. In the morning I use it to make up my coffee Huel. Keeps me flying until tea-time!

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Adding a decent quality powdered instant coffee (added dry) to your huel coffee powder works really well. Kenco millicano and Nescafé espresso are two favourites that have a great flavour and dissolve well into Huel. It intensifies the flavour and boosts the caffeine content :+1:t2:
Instant coffee in new vanilla powder is also pretty awesome

Hi @TheSofa Like @ChristinaT, I use instant coffee. Using Kenco Millicano at the moment.
I find brewed coffee doesn’t give as strong a flavour to my Huel shakes, whichever flavour I use.

I make mine the other way round to @ChristinaT - I add the Millicano to 500ml water as it dissolves easily in cold then add Huel before blending. :yum::+1::wink:

Another thing to note, after a few weeks on Huel you will find you have a lot more energy in general. You might not even need the caffeine, Huel or otherwise

Awesome tips! Thanks so much all. Going to check out Kenco millicano but as @RyanT said, may not need it so will see how I go in the first week.