Huel + caffeine pills

What is the recommendation on eating Huel and taking caffeine pills?

Will Huel decrease the effect of the caffeine pill or will the caffeine pill reduce the absorption of some of the nutrients of Huel? Should I take one 200mg caffeine pill at the same time as eating 4 scoops of Huel or should I instead take the caffeine pill 1 hour apart from Huel?

I am currently eating 4 scoops of Huel 3 times a day (breakfast, dinner, lunch) and 1 caffeine pill (200mg caffeine content) twice a day (breakfast, lunch) at the same time as eating Huel. I am also taking Vitamin D3 and Vitamin B12 supplements. Vitamin D supplement because I am deficient (tested by my doctor) and my doctor was concerned with the bio-availability of Vitamin D in Huel (due to small amount of it and use of Vitamin D2). Vitamin B12 supplement due to also being deficient (tested by my doctor) despite having been a meat-eater before I discovered Huel.

Does anyone have a recommendation for caffeine pills that actually contain the amount of caffeine they claim to contain, and are delivered to UK? Due to non-existing regulation on caffeine pills, most do not contain anywhere near the stated amount of caffeine despite claiming to do so.

I use caffeine pills fairly regularly. I take them for fasted morning cardio before Huel. Huel has no effect on caffeine in my experience, but like any drug or supplement, consumption on an empty stomach results in faster absorption than on a full stomach. So taking before Huel will have more effect than taking after. I have found Myprotein Thermo Extreme to be most effective. But these are “cutting” pills - used for weight loss, and contain a lot more stuff than just caffeine.

Pretty much everyone is Vitamin D deficient in Winter. You need more sunlight. Best thing you can do is go on a Sunbed for a few minutes a couple of times a week.

Don’t take caffeine but drink a LOT of coffee and Huel doesn’t seem to effect it, still buzzing all day :slight_smile: I too take a general supplement and B12 as I was found to be deficient by the Doctor. I also take collagen as I found my joints suffering about 6 months in from consuming Huel at dieting levels (about 1600 cals a day). Since taking the collagen everything has been fine.

I used to take the pills in the link below when I was doing fasted weight lifting in the mornings. Since switching to evening workouts I’ve stopped buying them as I suspect I don’t need them plus I’m trying to cut down on supplements.

Man,that has got to be one hell of a dry meal. Bet you’re ace at the cinnamon challenge :wink:

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