Calorie counting for weight loss - can someone check my figures for me?

Hello - so my current calorie burn is:

Average active per day 863c
average passive per day 2,457c
Total 3,320c

(average over a month using figures reported by my apple watch)

I’m, 203cm, 114KG (down from 118), quite active, training for a half marathon in February, which will be on my 39th birthday.

25% deficit is 2,490c. 622g Huel (div 3 = 207g)
30% deficit is 2,324c. 581g Huel (div 3 = 194g)
35% deficit is 2,158c. 540g Huel (div 3 = 180g) - this is what I’m doing right now.
40% deficit is 1,992c. 498g Huel (div 3 = 166g)

Calorie deficit of 8134 per week (which is 35%) which should be 1KG loss a week at current exercise levels.

Does this sound right? Does it sound ok?

All feedback gratefully received!

You’re right. Are You sure, that You will eat / drink only Huel?

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I have done my own calculations for myself and shared a spreadsheet to help plan a diet here: The Mathematical Diet

Not sure if it answers the question but I hope it helps!

Sorry totally missed your reply - yes and no, if I don;t, it’s the evening meal of Huel I replace with something else and I’d be hardish pushed to make that larger than 1,100 calories ( I think!)

I’m most concerned with going significantly under my calories by mistake and damaging my health :slight_smile:

Using the same methods than You, I lost 2 kg every month, and i don’t want make it quicker. That best way for our health to make it slowly. When I started using Huel daily I was 94 kg. Right now after six months I’m 84 and thats what I expected. Nothing more.

I’m aiming for higher than that because I’m 114KG and have 20KG to lose, also running a half marathon in February and every extra gram lost makes the job easier!

One thing I’m sure its better not to do it quickly. It takes time and need to be patient ;-))

Depends how much you have to lose - I’m figuring out my calorie deficit as a percentage, not a fixed calorific amount, seems to be going well enough so far with no great big crashes :slight_smile:

Keeping fingers corssed :slight_smile: