Calorie intake: Fats vs Carbohydrates

I’ve a question.
I’m trying to get healtyly-leaner (I’m average now, not fat) and i don’t want to spend time cooking unless I want to enjoy a specific dish (I also enjoy huel).

So THE QUESTION: I intake 400kcal with each meal of huel.
If those 400Kcal were less fats and more carbohidrates. Would I get leaner?

That brings a follow up QUESTION: What differenence makes in the body eating the same amount of calories from fats VS from carbohidrates?

Thank you all in advance :slight_smile:

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A calorie is a calorie. Good fats may on balance be healthier than more carbohydrates, however. Excess carbs can contribute to high blood sugar. Fat is useful for absorption of micronutrients like fat-soluble vitamins. I’m sure a dietitian can give much more useful and detailed information.

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Thank you.
It’s curious this approach you say that fat is better than carbohydrates.
Asking a nutritionist is the solution, but I don’t want to spend money, that’s why I ask here, since huel has a lot of fats compared to carbohidrates.

It’s too simple and broad a question so I’m not going to give you a straight answer - sorry!

I presume by leaner you mean less body fat and more muscle?

Carbohydrates and fats are really broad groups of nutrients and we eat foods not nutrients. You’re better asking yourself what are the foods I’m eating?

To lose body fat you need to consume fewer calories, regardless of the source. This article can help you here: How to lose weight well | Huel Guide

If you want to gain muscle then you need to make sure you’re consuming enough protein and often you need to consume more calories than the body needs so the body can convert that excess protein and food into muscle. You can find out more here: How to Eat When Building Muscle – Huel

As you can see the two kind of go against each other which is why a lot of people go through shredding (losing weight) and bulking (gaining muscle) phases.

Similar to above it’s just too broad. Which carbohydrate and which fats? E.g. sugars vs omega-3 fats is going to give you a different answer compared to complex carbs vs saturated fat.

Huel v3.0 contains more carbs than fats but you’re right more calories come from fat in Huel Black Edition.

Hope that helps!

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Oh, yes. This answer is what I needed to know about calories.
And being Huel fats the healthy ones, I don’t need to worry about possible negative repercussions on my body due to a high intake of fats. Right?

Thank you for your answer :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t be too concerned about your fat intake. Again focus on where it’s coming from e.g. nuts are high in fat but a great snack.

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Both fats and carbohydrates are important for the body. Even if you’re on a deficit, you still need to watch your balance. You need fewer calories to lose weight, but take care of your body.

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Yes, don’t worry, I’m in a very sligt deficit. Not having hunger xD And eating huel once a day at least.