Can I buy just one bag

I would like to try a bag of black powder before I subscribe am I s as blue to do this?

currently the only way to buy just one bag of black is to add it to an order of another product purchased at the minimum amount. you are given this option at checkout.

So I could order 2 different products it doesn’t have to be 2x bags of powder.

An additional wrinkle for subscribers - you can’t do this with an existing subscription. You have to start a new subscription to get the option to add a single product to the basket. It’s only a minor inconvenience but it might be useful for someone wondering how to do it.

Don’t forget to cancel your old one!

I’m not a subscriber and get the option for add-ons when I check out.

Yep. I am a subscriber and don’t get that option if I edit my subscription. If I make a new subscription (or a new standalone order) I get the option.

As far as I know, you can’t (for example) mix bars and powder to reach the minimum (unless it’s been updated)

It seems to sometimes disappear for me, then show up again a few days later, smelling of cheap booze.

I’ve thrown in a Huel bar into the order successfully, then couldn’t add any other singles that day, then some time later I checked again and the bars and other singles were there. Right now I have a few bars, an RTD and a flavor boost sampler added to my subscription, but I don’t have the option to add anything anymore.

Not sure if it depends on availability or is just a programming glitch on Huel’s site.

I would theoretically be possible to only buy one bag of Huel powder if you ordered ready to drink Huel. If you don’t want the flavors that are offered for ready to drink there is no possibility to buy only one bag powder; you always have to order at least 2.
If you just want to test it before ordering more of it you could buy a bag from another user. Sometimes people sell Huel on the forum…