How can I add a bag of H&S to my subscription?

I’d like to add a bag of H&S to my subscription along with the powder I normally order.

When I tried to do this it looked like I had to start a separate subscription which just lists the H&S bags. I tried to add a single bag but it wouldn’t let me proceed unless I picked 3 bags which is too many when I’ll mainly be eating the powder.

I can understand you might not want people to start a subscription with a single bag but if I’m already ordering 5 bags of Huel powder why can’t I just add another bag of h&s to the subscription so I can get it ordered monthly automatically?

Surely 6 bags of product and over £100 is enough to place an order without requiring a further two bags to be added?


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Go to the huel site, login and click the add samples button at the top of the overview page.

This will allow you to add a single bag to your order.

You can, don’t worry! As Matt has said, log into your account and on the overview page there is a ‘Add Samples now’ button. Or you can scroll down and browse.

Do drop the team an email on if you have other problems.

Thanks both but adding a sample just seems to be for one off purchases.

I’d like this to be a monthly thing and despite placing a large single order I’m having to pay the one off cost price for H&S rather than the subscription price.

The only way round this seems to be to manage two separate subscriptions, one off powder and one for H&S but going this route would mean I’d have to purchase at least 3 H&S on the one subscription and 2 (or is it 3?) powders on the other.

It would be so much easier if there was just a single page with all products on that could be selected when adding to a subscription and you would get the subscription price once you ordered a certain amount of product regardless of what product you you selected.

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I agree. I’ve been a customer for over three years and I still can’t add to my subscription. It’s something I plan to flag up in the UI/UX review process, once it gets going. I took screen shots and everything!

Yes so the single pouches are more like a sample to try, the idea is then you find the one you like and can subscribe to them. You could obviously add a single pouch every time to your order to get around this, but the idea is that you would set up a subscription to 3 pouches. I guess you could add the 3 pouches to your current subscription, then remove them until you needed 3 more and you can add them back in, or just have 2 subs running concurrently at different intervals.

Yeah there are ways around it like you said but I was just thinking to myself I must be doing something wrong and making things more complicated than they needed to be.