How do I add hot Huel to an existing order?

I have a subscription to regular Huel. Can I add hot Huel bags? Doesn’t seem to let me on the site.

Strange, just checked and I have this:

Which gets me to this:

No such option for me.

The forum only lets me add one photo per post so apologies for multiple posts

Ah, it’s just appeared in the upcoming deliveries section.

I will leave this thread up in case the Huel Digital UX team want to have a look.

Yes, it’s a little confusing. You have to add from the Upcoming Deliveries screen - editing the subscription will only let you set amounts of whatever you’re subscribing to. If you want to actually receive H&S regularly, you need to set up a separate subscription for it and manually match the delivery date and subscription length (I’m hoping Huel delivers those in a single package, but I’m not sure about that).

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they’ve changed this now so you can add other single items to your subscription in the same way you can with one time orders.