I can't seem to add product to my existing subscription..Please help x

hello Huel world
i want to add 2 unflavoured & unsweetened to my subscription, and then swap my 2 vanilla packs (from my first order) for the 2 unflavoured & unsweetened packs that i have been unable to add
the option does not show underneath the ‘ADD TO BASKET’ which should say ‘ADD TO EXISTING SUBSCRIPTION’

i am logged in when trying to do this, i also tried not being logged in.
i also tried a number of different things but couldn’t get the ‘ADD TO EXISTING SUBSCRIPTION’ to show.

please help

From the Huel subscription page: ”Do not add/remove Huel orders via this page. Please cancel and place a new recurring order with your desired quantity/flavour choices.”


Could you drop team@huel.com an email. The program we use has made some recent change and we may be able to do this for you now (don’t hold me to that!). But worth dropping the customer service team a message!

Trying to amend my existing subscription to add some of the new vanilla as a substitute for some of the original - so I get a mix in my next imminent order.

As per the OP above there’s no “click on ‘Add to Existing Subscription.” option that I can see, when I go to the product page. Turned off any ad-blockers - no change.

Hey there, sorry for the problems. Subscription Guide here. Let me know if that helps.

  1. Firstly, login to your Huel account, or create one if you don’t already have one.
  2. Click “Manage Subscription Delivery”
  3. Click “Add Product”
  4. Select the product you would like to add and the quantity you wish to receive
  5. Select your preferred delivery schedule from the drop down. N.B. Select the same delivery interval as current subscription to avoid creating two seperate orders.
  6. “Next Shipment” will automatically sync with your current subscription. Changing this date will create two separate orders.
  7. You can cancel this from the “Manage Subscription Delivery” page.

Trying to do the same just now but there is no “Add Product” option on step 3.


Suspect those instructions above could be out of date / same with the link Tim

When I click manage subscriptions there’s no button to click to add. There is a pull down menu on rhs which has an ‘add to subscription’ as one of the options. A click on that generates this in a popup.
Adding a New Product to an Existing Subscription
If you’d like to add a new product to your existing subscription, visit the product page you’d like to subscribe to and click on ‘Add to Existing Subscription.’
From there I go to the product page and it appears only to be offering to set up a new subscription - I can’t see an option to Add to Existing Subscription there.

Maybe i’m missing something? Next subscription was due to ship on 11th so pushed back in case.

I’ve sent a mail to team@huel.com to ask them to manually amend my order

Damn. The Subscription Guide is up to date, but I think we have two separate subscription programs, so the old instructions were more appropriate to you which I have updated.

Will dig out the old ones.

Some back and fwd on mail - the gist of which below;

Not possible (easily) to manually amend an ‘old’ subscription, it is though with a newer one. Mine is ‘old’ unfortunately.

So advice is to cancel subscription and set up a new subs with the new mix of products.

Doing it shortly

Glad that the team got to the bottom of it. Sorry for sending across duff instructions without checking which subscription you were on.

No problem- as i’d delayed my subscription, I had the leeway to sort things this week and still get the new vanilla added for this round. Looking forward to trying it out.