New Subscription Area

Hey all, I know there have been a lot of Huel announcements recently, but this one is less a product and more a massive improvement to your user experience as subscribers!

About two weeks ago we rolled out our latest account area and there are a lot of big changes you are going to love, or are already loving? I will take the almost silence on the forum as a sign that it’s not half bad? :wink:

Faster initial load - we changed the way we load information on the account area to make it faster on initial load (approximately 76.8% according to our team, who are probably making this number up).
Brand new design - we completely redesigned the user interface to make it much more intuitive. It’s even got a shaker that fills up as the page loads. How neat is that?
Easier navigation - we streamlined the navigation to make it easier to access the main areas like upcoming orders, subscription management, referrals, address and payment info.
Pause subscriptions - we listened to your feedback and added a function to pause your subscription, as opposed to skipping it, which enables you to put your deliveries on hold until you want to start receiving your Huel again.
Add one-off items - you can now easily add new items as single purchases to an upcoming subscription, making it super easy to try new products
Referrals section - we updated the referrals functionality so you don’t have to leave your account to send referrals to your friends
Mobile friendly - we improved the mobile functionality to make it easier to managee your account from your phone

For a helpful guide on how to use our new subscription page head here -

And to log yourself into your account and have a play head here -

Let us know what you think and any feedback we would love to hear it!

Here’s a little of what it looks like.


When I click on account and login this is what I see

where is subscriptions, order history ect? Am I just stupid?

Press Menu - Account and then you will see subscriptions etc.

That’s what I see after clicking on account in the menu

Works fine for me, in the same browser. Do you have some weird settings on, or a content blocker?

The new interface is way better than the old one, great job! However I wish to add a flavor boost sample set to my next subscription and there doesn’t seem to be a way to do that. Could you maybe add it as a single purchase option to subscription in the same way as you do with merchandise?

I’m on giffgaff which blocks adult content :frowning:

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Actually just noticed it isn’t the same browser. I’m on iOS 13.

I’ll try it on a computer to see if it’s just my crappy phone

Tim posts the shiny new subscription area that even Huel forum users will love! and we’re immediately finding bugs in it. Merry Christmas, Tim!

Well… so far it’s just me and it’s probably due to the awful phone I have
Merry Christmas fellow powder drinkers


Yes I said “we” in solidarity. Obviously the problem is you.


My favourite thing in the new interface is the ability to see your selected flavours within your subscription.
Before, you had to click ‘edit’ to see what flavours you already had on repeat order.
Now it’s clearly displayed next to your subscription item on the main page :+1:t2:

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just tried to log in to my account via computer still no sign of it. this is what I see when I put in my email and password and go on account

its official huel hates me. I’ve displeased our glorious founder and he has ordered Tim to banished me :frowning:

That’s actually because they were out of stock. Have another go and you shouldn’t have a problem.

Hit the nail on the head there. System reset on @Berserker, start afresh. It’s for the best.

No I’m sure it’s an isolated thing, I’ll see if anyone else has reported this and if not will get some more info from you.

Edit: @Berserker which browser are you using on mobile and desktop. There’s a few teething issues with Edge that we’re working through.

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Still cannot see the sample pack as an addition to subscription. It only shows me the full packages. I am in the EU if that matters.

I’ve just checked in with the team and that’s an error but we won’t be able to get that onto the account area until after Christmas, sorry. However if you get in touch with the customer experience team they should be able to add it into your sub from their side. Sorry for the inconvenience.

@Berserker did you have anymore information? Were you using edge or IE?

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Sorry it didn’t come up u tagged me anyway I use safari on my iPhone and I’m not sure of the desktop because it was the one in the staff room

Thanks for getting back to me. My subscription is renewing on the 15th of January so no rush. I’ll just check again sometime in the new year.

@Tim_Huel I set up a new subscription today and it appears that the option to set subscription by month instead of weeks has been removed - any chance of putting that back? I found it much more useful as I always had the delivery organised at the same date every month - when I had it by weeks - the dates fluctuated over time with changing lengths of months and being able to select by month as an option just seemed easier to manage.

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