Subscription service wishlist

So the subscription service has had a “do not adjust your subscription, just delete and recreate it” sticker plastered across it for a while, even though the Subscription Guide doesn’t seem to be aware of this fact. Huel seem to operate subscription on a kind of honour system (seems more like if you promise you’re a regular purchaser you just get the discount), so all of this cancelling and recreating doesn’t break things terribly, but it is a little frustrating. I appreciate that building out a full working implementation of it is probably pretty complicated and expensive, but I wonder is it worth users providing feedback as to their most-wished-for features? Perhaps we could put together a bunch of suggestions and then vote for the highest priority ones as a guide for what to do next?

For me, the single biggest priority issue is just remembering my contact details and auto-filling those when creating a new subscription. Just doing that would make the whole delete/recreate subscription rigmarole a whole lot less hassle and seems to make sense to have anyway.

Much less important, but possibly worth thinking about, would be this: it seems to me that there are two things going on with subscriptions — one is easily managing repeat orders, and the other is rewarding returning customers. As far as rewarding returning customers is concerned, would it simplify things if the system just auto-applies a 10% discount whenever a new order is placed within (say) 8 weeks of the preceding one? A your-discount-is-about-to-expire email could be sent out on week 7 if there wasn’t a repeat order already scheduled, etc. I know that the commitment inherent in a repeat order is perhaps what you want to encourage, but the current implementation doesn’t appear to enforce it so the simpler approach might be interesting to try.

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Love Huel, has genuinely change my life and made me significantly healthier over the last 6 months.

However I would change the way the referral bonus works OR remove it completely. It’s worked very rarely for people I’ve referred. The “email address pop ups” work poorly on mobile devices and the whole process doesn’t work if your referee wants to setup a subscription.

There are workarounds (including customer services) to make it work, but the hassle makes it not worth the effort = I’ve stopped using it (but still evangelise like crazy about Huel).

This is a shame and would be the first thing I’d try and sort.