Slightly annoyed.. 😑

Not a huge deal but want to put this out there.

The Subscription system is seriously clunky like… really clunky.

I’ve had issues in the past with not being able to add anything extra on and that’s fine and all but today topped that.

I had an issue because my last Debit card was stolen, and me being me forgot to update huel with my new one, therefore getting the email obviously saying it was declined, Not a biggie I thought I’ll just change it and I should be able to reorder right? Wrong… I had to mess about and delete my entire Subscription and make a completely new one just to get my order in. As apparently a declined card breaks its little system.

I don’t want this to be seen as a rant, as I’m a huge fan of huel, and at least eat about 2000cals a day of the stuff, when all is good then the subscription service just ticks along doing its thing with no problems, it’s just I wanted to comment that it could do with some tweaking/improvements here and there, that’s all.

Maybe a subscription 2.0 service? :joy::wink:

Hi Oliver,

Really sorry to hear about that. I agree that the subscription system does has it’s flaws. You usually can change your card details, no problem. However, if it has a number of declined transactions then it will make the account inactive. Just as a safety mechanism.

The app is created third party, but we send them frequent emails requesting them to update the app and make it more user friendly. Some of the requests have been taken into account too.

Glad you managed to get it sorted out. Sorry for the inconvenience.