Subscription concept has run it's course and now causes more frustration than help

Back when I first started using huel and there was only 2 products, the subscription concept made a lot of sense. Offer a lower price in exchange for recurring shipments in order to convert more customers to become repeat customers.

Now, with the breath of the product offering, it doesn’t make any sense. I have 3 different subscriptions for huel regular, h+s, black and managing them is extremely complicated. I randomly choose a date in the future only to have emails remind me to log in and push out the date of delivery. If I forget to adjust the subscription I get product I don’t need which creates customer resentment. I want to try new products but don’t want to navigate the subscription editing nightmare.

Just convert the website to regular ordering ability - when I need more I’ll buy more. If you want to withhold discounts or free shipping for larger orders that is understandable.

Or perhaps allow customers to remove subscription based ordering once they have placed a few orders.

The time has come to think of the experience as a traditional webstore as you have a strong brand. Every time I manage my subscriptions I have a poor experience on the website.


you can make non subscription orders already and still receive quantity discounts,

you can pause or remove subscriptions at any time already.


Hmm, looks like you’re right. I’ve bought a ton of of Huel over the last 2.5 years and thought I always had to modify a current subscription or create a new one in order to add/remove a new product.


Hey Chris, so as Phil has said you can either have one-off orders or subscriptions. Option is just above the Add To Cart button.


However, I take your points about difficulty managing multiple products in a subscription, we’re doing lots of work on the subscription area and more to make it a better experience. Could you be more specific about what you would like to see?

I guess that’s why we send the emails to you before your subscription is due, so you are reminded to change the date if you have enough Huel.

Let us know if you have any trouble placing single orders/cancelling your current subs. Would love to help and really don’t want you feeling like were like trapping you into subscriptions!

On the topic of subscriptions and frustration, I’ve found that when I edit an upcoming delivery which has a referral discount applied, the code disappears and has to be re-added. A pain, rather than the end of the world, but it’s put me off adding a bag of black onto my next sub.

Thanks for letting us know, if you have trouble with adding pouches and your discount codes please do drop us an email on and we can sort it out for you.


I didn’t know this happened until my order processed without the discount. I contacted support who were really great about crediting me straightaway. It’s an inconvenience, but at least now I know to look out for it!

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The only reason I don’t subscribe is the hassle of managing it and I want to ttry different things. Maybe in the future when I know what I want every month but I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

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You can change your subscription amounts and times any time you want or pause it/them for a while if you think you will forget them. I frequently pause mine until I’m ready for more.

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@Tim_Huel thanks for helping explain that most of what I want to accomplish can be done in the website today, e.g. one time orders and skip subscriptions all together. The feedback was more intended to raise the issue of whether the subscription discount is helping the company or should be revised so huel can continue to grow and thrive.

The reason why I think there’s so much emphasis on the subscription in feedback here is because 10% is a large enough discount that makes people feel dumb not to take it, so you’re leading many new customers down that path. Then they may just deal with it even with the hassle.

Perhaps using a first time discount like 20-30% for new subscriptions then the ongoing subscription discount is a small number like 5%. You see this in use with Amazon subscribe and save and it basically says to the customer “we’ll give you a great deal if you try it, but ongoing it’s not a high enough number where you’ll feel dumb not to take it”. Not sure if this makes sense. In other words, if the ongoing subscription discount was lower, more people may opt out of it and feel they don’t mind paying more, yet you’d still get the benefit of using a larger first time discount to attract and get more first time customers to try the subscription and then maintain that benefit of earning more 2nd orders which is probably a good customer metric the company needs.

Hope this helps, thanks!

As the word gets out hopefully new customers will take advantage of the £10 recommended code which benefits both parties. I try and get the word out as much as possible because I want people to experience Huel and the obvious.

There is also 2 Free RTD’s for new customers if they see the pop up which is around £6 (I find around 10% of my order).

No worries at all Chris. Love your concern about us growing and thriving :hugs: thanks dude!

10% works for us, when we’re working out all our margins and the final cost of products we ensure that it does.

That’s a neat idea. I guess though it doesn’t encourage people to continue to subscribe, it encourages people to get one subscription and then leave it. Would love to know how many subscriptions an average Chewy’s customer gets. We love having subscribers and want to encourage people to have ongoing subscriptions.

It does help, thanks, great to chat about these ideas!

Actually set up my first Subscription yesterday, I like that you can set up multiple ones however, I was wondering for those who receive discounts (NHS, Military etc) this doesn’t seem to be applied and the only way to do it is by doing a physical order. Would be nice to have it automatically added to the account.

You can do this! You need to head to the Account area → Upcoming Deliveries and apply it there.

lmk if you have any problems!

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@Tim_Huel Now my current delivery has removed itself and I have more options, I have set up an additional subscription (discount was already applied :slight_smile: ) I can’t seem to add the odd Bar or RTD to my next order though. When I click add to order it’s a box or nothing.