Hot & Savoury Minimum Order Size?

I’m a big fan of chicken korma curry and sweet and sour Pot Noodles, and I would love to try some Hot & Savoury Huel.

I tried to add 1 bag (7 meals) to my existing subscription delivery as a one-time order (along with a shaker and a couple of bars) so that I could try it, but it wouldn’t let me. It seems there’s a minimum order of 3 bags (21 meals)! :scream: If I didn’t like it I’d be wasting 20 meals, which would total £52.38 of unused product!

It’s a pretty big commitment for something I’ve not tried. If I could order 1 bag, then I would order one today.

Please let us order 1 bag, like we can with Huel Powder, or single-meals like we can with Huel Bars and Ready-to-Drinks. Until we can, the risk is too much for me to accept.

you should already be able to add a single bag of H&S to your order - not sure whats going on there

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I just checked, it definitely doesn’t (or it’s definitely broken).

I go to Upcoming Deliveries and click Add to Order, then chose Hot & Savoury.

3 flavours are selected by default, if I remove any and don’t replace them, then the Total bar with the Add to Order button disapears. Both the Subscribe and One-time tabs have the same effect.

With the 3 default flavours:

With 2 flavours:

You can go to the product section and add something, anything, to your cart. Then there will be a pop-up window where you will be able to chose one bag of H&S.
Finally you can withdraw the unwanted item from your basket.
Tell me if that works…

@Zirco38 I just tried it. I added 2 boxes of bars (2 boxes minimum order) and clicked on ‘add to basket’. It then took me to “Exclusive basket offers” page and it allowed me to add 1 bag of H&S, however, when I removed the bars from the cart the H&S disappeared too.

Ok, I sussed it! I don’t know why you can’t do this from the ‘Add to order’ option on the ‘Upcoming Deliveries’ page, but anyway…

From the ‘Account Overview’ page, in the ‘Try More of the Huel Range’ section. Scroll down and click on ‘Load More Samples’, from here I could add 1 bag of H&S as a one-time purchase to my upcoming delivery.

Like I said, it’s silly that single bags of H&S can’t be added from the Upcoming Deliveries page, in the same way that single bars, etc. can be added. Huel store designers should look into this!

Thanks all. :+1:

Can’t find it at all on mine. Are you mobile or desktop?

I was just coming to say this, so glad you sussed it out. Sorry for the confusion. Yes any of the options you get from the ‘Exclusive Offers’ page need to be added on the Account Overview page.

What can’t you find? Will see if I can help :blush:

Hi @Tim_Huel the ability to add single products (rather than bulk order) to an already active subscription. I tried following what Hawky said but I can’t find ‘Try more of the huel range’ or any other menu that allows me to add 1 bag etc. It’ll only allow me to add 3 bags etc. Thanks

Hi @xstex
It’s here…

Interesting, I don’t see that when I click account overview.

Ah, it could be because “your package is on its way”, so you can’t add things at this time. Check again once it’s been received.

Maybe (although I have my package already) Because I can’t add subscriptions either. I’ll check again tomorrow. Just jumped in on this convo as I recently added subscriptions.

Does the order tracking link show that it’s been delivered? If so, there may just be a cooling off period/lag between the two order statuses until the Huel’s system update. (I’ve not paid it much attention until now).

Yeah I don’t have this and my package won’t be on the way for a while. Strange. Any idea @Tim_Huel ? Thanks

Sorry for being so unhelpful, are you able to email It feels like the option should be there so might be something specific to you. So sorry :man_facepalming:

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