New to huel + h&s question

Hi! I’ve been using plenny shakes (love them!) for ~8 months now but have decided to try huel to see if my tummy troubles come from soy in plenny or not. So far, i think that huel is giving me less problems? Im not so sure, ive only just been drinking it for a couple days, will see :smile:

My question is - is hot&savory similar to plenny pots? I absolutely hated those so if the taste/texture of huel version is close to jimmy joy, i wouldn’t want to waste 3 bags worth of money to throw it all out. Ive made a leap of faith ordering the powder and THANK GOD i liked it, but savoury meals are even more expensive so im anxious to try n order them :sweat_smile:

I hope yall are having a great day! :yellow_heart:

as tastes are entirely subjective - I would suggest next time you order some powders - adding 1 bag of H&S to the order to try it out - personally I prefer the pastas for taste and texture to the originals - but thats just me.

I would risk it with one bag but as far as i understand there’s a minimum of 3? @Phil_C

if you place any minimum order for Huel products you can add single items of other products before checkout - you will see the basket option to add more Huel products before proceeding to checkout.

Would that also work with subscription order? Or just a one-timer?

you can modify your upcoming subscription order to add one time products.

Ooo thank you! Will try to sort it out when ordering next time